Fast & Easy Setup

Setting up the Hatchet Camper takes about 1 minute:

  • Release the lid latches, push up, then slide the bed platform forward.
  • Notice how easily the platform slides forward? That's patented.
  • Extend the rear tent support poles into position.

Optional Last Step: Make fun of your friends who are still @#!*ing around with their rooftop tent.

Room To Stand and Stretch

The Hatchet is a camper, not a tent. That means you can stand up in the back, even if you're 6'4".

With the Hatchet Camper, you can change clothes where it's nice and dry and warm.

Stand Up In The Hatchet Jeep Camper
Ross standing up in the Hatchet camper


Our awnings do great in the wind, are lightweight, and are not hanging off the side of the Jeep where they can snag branches or be stolen. They produce zero wind noise and don't hit gas mileage. They go up and come down fast.

For a deeper dive into our awnings, click here.

Sheltered Ventilation

All four windows in the Hatchet Camper open to provide excellent ventilation.

And if it rains? The front window can be fully open in all but the windiest rainstorm, and the top six inches of the side windows can also be open in a good rainstorm because they're sheltered by the roof, and the rear window is slanted outward so it can remain open in a light rain.

Sheltered Ventilation
Sleep comfortably in a Hatchet Jeep camper.

A Plush, Four Inch Thick Mattress

Camping doesn't have to include getting a bad night's sleep.

Every Hatchet Camper comes with a 4" thick Exped MegaMat Duo mattress that is big and surprisingly comfortable.

room to sit, Too!

In addition to room to stand up, the rear of the pop-up camper provides enough room to sit comfortably on your AluBox or fridge (or a camping chair, if you're into that sort of thing).

Room to sit in a Jeep Camper

Hatchet Adds About 10 Inches

The Hatchet Camper adds about 10" to the height of your Jeep. That's 6-8 inches less than a typical roof rack and tent setup.

Less height brings a lower center of gravity, making off-camber trails much less "puckery."

It also means that a Hatchet Camper on a lifted Jeep running 35's will easily fit through an 8' garage door. Heck, a stock Sport or Sahara with a Hatchet may even fit under a 7' door.

Leave Your Bedding In Bed, where it Belongs

There is room in the Hatchet Camper to keep your bedding in bed where it stays nice and dust free.

The winter bags and pillows shown in this picture all can stay in place when packing up.

You can leave your bedding in place when you close the Hatchet Camper
USB Charger in the Nightstand


Ever lost your keys in a tent? Roll over and crush your sunglasses? Need a place to put a water bottle? We put two nightstands in the Hatchet Camper just for you.

On the driver's side nightstand, there's a built-in USB charger.

Recessed Solar panel & traction board storage

The center section of the roof is recessed just enough to hide as many as two 100W low-profile solar panels. And the recessed center roof section comes standard in white to help reject heat.

The roof also features a recessed area for storing traction boards, keeping them from catching tree branches.

And, they look overlandy up there too, which is nice.

Solar power on the Jeep Camper roof.
Jeep Camper Center of Gravity

Lighter Than Most Tent and Rack Combos

The Hatchet Camper weighs in at less than 200lbs (mattress included). That's less than most roof-top tent and rack combos.

Less weight on the roof means a better center of gravity, which is important off-road.

And it feels better driving around town, too.