Hatchet Camper


The Hatchet Camper is designed for the Jeep® Wrangler JLU. We tried to put every feature in it that we wished we'd had on our adventures. Some are comfort related, and others are functional.

After spending many nights in tent that were too short, standing room was a priority. The Hatchet Camper appeals to larger people due to the standing room and the ease of entry.

The sleeping experience was another thing we wanted to improve on. 2 or 3 inch foam mattresses just didn't work for us. So we found the best 4" mattress we could get our hands on.

Lastly, we know how ungainly a top heavy vehicle can feel on the trail or around town. So we kept the Hatchet Camper as light as possible. And it sits lower on the Jeep than any comparable rack and RTT.

The camper will use composite materials for the main roof and bed platform. The camper will be a high quality product, and will be manufactured in Denver. Read on for a deep dive!

Standing Hat Sil

Room to stand - It's sooo nice

The Hatchet Camper is a camper, not a tent. What's the difference? You can stand up inside a camper and change clothes where it's nice and dry. It's not obivous from the outside, but there is room for a 6'5" person to stand in the rear of the camper without hitting their head on the tent.

If the weather's really bad, or there are lot of bears out there at night, or it's just really cold, you can even bring the porta-pottie indoors.


FAst and Easy Setup

Setting up the Hatchet Camper takes about a minute. Now you can be the one with a beer in your hand watching your friends sweat while setting up their RTT's and ground tents.

Setting up the camper takes 3 steps:

1) Release the latches and push the rear of the lid up until the gas struts take over.

2) Reach in to the cargo area and release the latches. Push the bed platform forward 20 inches. (Notice how easily it slides? That's patented.)

3) Extend the rear tent support poles into position.

To pack up the camper, just reverse the steps. It takes just a little longer, like two minutes.  (I'll bet you're thinking a little video would be awesome here. We're working on that.)

Wide Interior

A 4 inch thick mattress

Going camping doesn't have to mean suffering through multiple bad nights of sleep. The standard mattress in the Hatchet Camper is a 4" Exped MegaMat. It uses air filled foam technology. That means you can adjust the firmness of the mattress to your liking. And, it boasts a 9.5 R-value, which keeps everyone nice and warm.

Solar Max Apple

Recessed Solar Panel and Traction board storage

The center section of the roof is recessed just enought to hide a low profile solar panel or two. Two typical 100 watt panels will fit side by side. (We run only one, because that's all we feel we need.)

The roof also features a recessed area for storing traction boards. Tred Pro's and MaxTrax both fit comfortably. Recessing the boards helps keep them from catching tree branches. And, they look really overlandy up there.


Low Profile

The Hatchet Camper adds about 10 inches to the height of the Jeep. That's about 50% less than a typical roof rack and RTT setup. They will add 15-18 inches. Less height brings a lower center of gravity, making off camber trails a little easier.

A Hatchet Camper on a lifted Jeep on 35's will easily fit through an 8' garage door. A stock Sport or Sahara with a Hatchet Camper may even fit under a 7' door.


Light weight

We expect that the Hatchet Camper will weigh in at less than 200lbs. Compare that to a typical exocage style rack (80-90lbs), and a typical RTT (120-140lbs). Less weight, mounted lower, yeilds a lower center of gravity. That's important on off camber trails, and it feels better just driving around town.


Sheltered Venting

If you're stuck in the rain, having good ventilation is very important to keeping comfortable. All 4 windows in the Hatchet Camper can provide ventilation when it's not nice out.

The front window, by your feet, can be fully open in all but the windiest rainstorm. The top six inches of the side windows can be open in a good rainstorm because they are sheltered by the roof. The rear window is slanted outward so it can remain open in a light rain.


Nightstands - Because sometimes the little things...

Ever lose your keys in a tent? Roll over and crush your sunglasses? Need a place to put a water bottle? We put two nightstands in the Hatchet Camper just for you. One one each side of the mattress.